Vesper Service.

Rev. William Lawrence conducted the Vesper Service yesterday.

In the fifth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles the people are described as placing the sick in the streets, so that the shadow of Peter might fall on them and heal them. The overflow from his goodness gave his mere presence the power of healing. An overflow of somewhat the same character comes from certain men or universities or towns, giving a ring to their names that puts them at once outside of the common pale. Their goodness runs out beyond themselves to everything connected with them. In the university, the whole body of students is prevaded by the spirit of the seekers for truth who are working among them, perhaps quite unknown. Some of the true culture of these few passes out to every other student and gives him that inexplicable stamp always belonging to one who has lived in the atmosphere of the university.

Not infrequently the spiritual overflow is lacking. A man may have come of the noblest Puritan stock and have inherited the spiritual vigor of a long line of good men, but unless he is careful of his inheritance he will lose it. If his profession or business leaves him no time for spiritual development he grows weak and perhaps falls before temptations that would have been powerless, had he kept the health and strength that were his birthright. A man will gain the power to pass unharmed through temptation if he will put himself in communion with great men and deeds. And above all he must live in the presence of Christ and let Him have his life. Men are not slow to recognize the difference between hearing about the Christian life from one who wears his heart upon his sleeve and one whose heart is deep hid with Christ in God.

The choir sang the following anthems: "Doth not Wisdom Cry," Haking; "Saviour, when Night," Shelley; "Our King, Rotoli; Soloist, Mr. Eliot Hubbard.