Fact and Rumor.

Stevenson is coaching the Yale 'varsity crew.

The second long theme in French 6 is due on Friday.

There are three Amherst graduates on the Andover faculty.

The seventh theme in Eng. B is due today before 4 o'clock.

Rockefeller has given in all $2,600,000 to the new Chicago University.

The Williams Glee and Banjo Clubs will take an Easter trip this year.

Whitehead, Arnold and Booth of Exeter's eleven intend to enter Harvard '96.

A spectroscope valued at $2,000 has recently been presented to Princeton. It will be used principally for stellar photography, and is the fourth in size of its kind in the country.

Welch Hall the new dormitory at Yale contains thirty double and eighteen single rooms.

The first of a series of indoor games at Exeter took place in the gymnasium last Friday.

The cricket eleven will play their first match of the season April 23rd against the Chelseas.

Brown catalogues for 1891-2 are being mailed to every preparatory school in the United States.

In German 4 the next theme is due March 15. The subject is: "Inhaltsangabe des Torquato Tasso."

Arthur M. Wheeler, professor of history at Yale, is mentioned as principal of the new Yale preparatory school.

Statistics show that Connecticut has more college students in proportion to its population than any other State.

By order of the Italian government English is to be added to the curriculum of the colleges in that country.