Special Notice.

A GOLD watch chain with alternating long and short links, and an oblong shaped seal ring at one end. "Veritas" and a star was engraved on the ring. The finder will please return to Leavitt & Peirce's and receive a suitable reward.


GEORGE E. BURGESS.THE CAMBRIDGE CLEANSING HOUSE. - We thank the Harvard boys for the way they have patronized us in our new place, where we not only press one pair trousers a week, but will do your entire trouser pressing for 75 cents per month.

A. A. KINER,18 Holyoke Street.A NEW Egyptian Cigarette is named the Vafidi and as it has supplanted all others in the best clubs of Europe, its American success is assured. Sold by Leavitt & Peirce.

10-3 e o t.