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The Athletic Association is to be congratulated for the success of its winter meetings. On Saturday, especially, the events went off with a good deal of snap, thereby adding materially to the enjoyment of the on-lookers. In the cause of athletics, the association may well feel that it has scored a point. In looking back at the meetings last year, it is striking to note the increase in the interest taken in indoor gymnastic sports. The number of entries last winter was small, the interest taken by the college in the meetings seemed low, and some extremists were predicting a time in the near future, when the meetings would be given up altogether. From this state of things the Athletic Association has rallied well, and has set the winter meetings again on the road to success. It has still much work to do, to make the success of the meetings permanently assured; but it may well feel satisfied with the step it has thus far taken. Continuous exertion, and co-operation on the part of the college, ought to bring the meetings next year up to a high standard.