The Harvard cricket eleven showed pretty good form in the match with Cambridge, yesterday, and won by 63 runs. The fielding of the Harvard team was loose at the beginning, but after the first few balls, the team braced up, and fielded very cleanly. The batting was fair, Garrett showing rather the best form, but Kaulbach, Chew and Bates, getting most of the runs. The Harvard bowlers all did excellent work, as did Winkley of the Cambridge team. Considering that it was the first game of the season, the Harvard team did very good work. The score:


W. MacVeagh, c., C. Brett b. Winkley, 3

R. Kaulbach, c., Jones b. Winkley, 19

S. Skinner b. Winkley, 8

H. A. Davis, st., Sheehan b. Winkley, 3

A. C. Garrett, c., at mid-on b. Winkley, 5

S. Chew b. Winkley, 16

E. B. Hinkley c. and b. Winkley, 9

C. T. R. Bates, c., Schwamb b. Winley, 12

C. StC. Skinner, not out, 2

J. H. Meader b. Winkley, 0

H. G. Nichols b. Winkley, 0

Byes 4, Wides 1, 5


Total, 82