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For some time there has been a growing feeling in the college, that while it may be well to begin the mid-year examinations at half-past nine, the finals should begin earlier, in order to avoid the hot part of the day. Everyone who has been through a hard final on one of Cambridge's hot June days, knows what it is to long for cooler weather. Whatever change is made cannot, of course, remedy the difficulty entirely, but it can help in some degree. The hot part of the day from ten or eleven on, cannot be avoided; it has got to be borne, but there is no reason why any more of the examination than possible should be made to come during the hot hours. If the examinations could be begun at nine o'clock, there would be half an hour of cool weather gained; and half an hour at a time when it would do a great deal of good. If a man can only start his work with a cool head, it does not make so much difference if it does grow warmer afterwards, for he has got into the line of thinking, and he is apt to run on somewhat mechanically. But the extra half hour at the start makes a great deal of difference.