Mott Haven Team.

The Mott Haven team, consisting of thirty-four men, will leave tomorrow morning on the 10.45 car, taking the noon train for New York from the N. Y. and N. E. station. The team will stop at the Park Avenue Hotel and directly after dinner Saturday, the men will go by the elevated road to Manhattan Field where the games will begin at 2 o'clock. The dressing rooms for the Harvard team are in the upper part of the club rooms and are equipped with all conveniences. The team will take the midnight train Saturday for Boston.

From the result of the Yale games last Friday, the teamfully realizes that it will not be as easy to win the intercollegiate cup this year as it has been in the past, and only by hard work can the cup remain another year in Cambridge. The men need the support of the college, and as they leave tomorrow morning nothing will be more encouraging than to hear hearty cheering from a crowd of fellow students. A comparison of the records made in the games of the different colleges will show some thing of the outcome of the contests at New York, yet it is doubtful if some of the records made in other colleges are correct.

The following men will constitute the team : J. S. Cook '92, G. F. Brown '92, O. K. Hawes '92, W. L. Thompson '93, W. H. Wright '92, E. W. Pinkham '92, S. M. Merrill '94, E. W. Pinkham '92, S. M. Bingham Jr. '95, G. L. Batchelder '92, J. Corbin '92, H. C. Lakin '94, C. G. Hubbell '93, J. O. Nichols L. S., G. Lowell '92, F. F. Carr M. S., G. Collamore '93, A. Blake '93, D. W. Fenton '95, A. L. Endicott '94, C. R. Bardeen '93, J. L. Norton '95, O. W. Shead '93, G. R. Fearing Jr. '93, A. H. Green '92, E. B. Bloss '94, T. E. Sherwin '94, H. M. Wheelwright '94, W. N. Duane '92, S. H. Evins L. S., R. H. Davis L. S., P. W. Davis '93, F. S. Pratt '94, F. S. Elliott '95.