Fact and Rumor.

A. J. Cumnock '91 was in town yesterday.

Republican Clubs have been organized at Bowdoin and Bates.

A base ball club has been organized by members of the Foxcroft Club.

The Ogontz graduates of Chicago have formed an Alumnae Association.

Columbia has twenty men at the training table for the Mott Haven games.

The New York Tribune, Sun and Times, have 111 college men on their staffs.

Members of English A must read one of Sir Walter Scott's works before May 21.

There are 119 elective courses open to juniors and seniors in the academic department at Yale.

Pictures of the 'varsity nine of Princeton will shortly appear in Frank Leslie's Magazine.

William Vaughn Moody has been elected editor-in-chief of the Monthly in place of R. M. Lovett, resigned.

Both sections, 9 and 10 o'clock of section B, Political Economy 1 will meet in Upper Dane on Monday at 9 o'clock.

The banjo club and a quartette from the glee club will assist at the play of the Conference Francaise on Monday evening.

Stone, Oliver, Hancock and DeLodg of the Fencing Club, are the men who will represent Harvard at the B. A. A. fencing contest.

An unpublished translation of part of Goethe's Faust by Longfellow was recently read by Professor Francke in German 5.

The B. A. A. competitions for the Milton cup, which were to have been held Wednesday, have been postponed till early in June.

There will be a meeting at Chicago, in May, of representatives from college fraternities to perfect plans for a collective exhibit at the World's Fair.