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Owing to the disturbance occasioned at Memorial during the dinner hour yesterday by the entrance of the freshman procession into the Hall, it seems as if a word of warning to Ninety-five would not be misplaced. Demonstrations of victory must be kept within bounds and a heterogeneous procession with a band of music is emphatically out of bounds when it enters Memorial Hall. This is so evident that it seems hardly necessary to say it, but it brings out very forcibly the fact that Ninety-five must realize; that is, that in the excitement of a jollification it is especially necessary to keep watch that nothing is done that may bring adverse criticism on the college, or that may lead to a scene so disgraceful as that of last evening.

But the blame does not rest entirely on the freshmen. The men who took it upon themselves forcibly to prevent the entrance of the procession into the Hall are quite as much to blame. If these men had been content not to interfere in what was not their business, and to wait for the action of the officers of the Hall, there would have been no trouble, and the incident would have resolved itself into a mere indiscretion due to inexperience on the part of the freshmen.