The Open Meeting.

Harvard Men Capture a Majority of the Prizes.

The first handicap meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association, held on Holmes Field, Saturday afternoon was in all ways a decided success.

Owing chiefly to the strong wind blowing across the track no new records were made although the time in several of the events was very good.

In almost every event the scratch men were too heavily handicapped, and were unable to get even a place.

The CRIMSON bulletin board, upon which was posted the score by innings of the Harvard-Princeton ball game, attracted almost as much attention and interest as did the games and great enthusiasm was shown by every one when it was seen that Harvard was winning the game.

The principal officials were: Referee, George B. Morrison, B. A. A.; clerk of course, H. G. Otis, B. A. A.; judge of walking, Eugene Merrill; marshal, A. D. Peck, Jr., B. A. A.; and they with the other minor officials deserve great credit for the smooth way in which everything passed off, there being none of those unpleasant waits which generally characterize athletic sports.

The 120 yard hurdle was the first event and the finish in the final heat between Shead and Lyman was very close, the former winning by about a foot only.

In the 100 yards dash the next event, by far the best running was done by Brown of Harvard, Allen of Yale, and Hall of Dartmouth. They finished in the order named, Brown's time being 9 4-5 sec.

In the final heat of the one mile bicycle race, Harvard men finished in one, two. three order. McDuffee of the Press Cycle Club had to give too large a handicap and was unable to do anything in the race.

Eleven men started in the mile walk, Endicott of Harvard, having the lowest handicap. He walked a good race easily overtaking and passing the other men but unfortunately was ruled off just as he had passed the last man and was practically sure of first prize.

The 880 yards was run in one heat and as there were so many men in the race it was almost impossible for the low limit men to get through the field.

In the 220 low hurdles Harvard got first and second. Fearing won his trial heat from Finneran and Crane but he was unable to catch Guerni in the finals and had to be contented with second place.

The quarter mile was run in one heat and brought out a large number of fast men. As usual men with large handicaps winning the three prizes. Harvard got all three places.

In the two mile bicycle race Elliot of J. E. Good the winner is also a N. Y. A. C. man.

Fenton '95 won the mile run without much trouble with Collamore '93 second. In this race also the field was too large for best running by low limit men.

In the field events Harvard was very successful.

Evins won the shot with a put of 40 ft. 4 in. In the hammer he made the best throw made but was beaten by his heavy handicap.

Green and Sherwin of Harvard got first and second in the high jump. Fearing made the best jump made, 5 ft. 11 in.

In the broad jump Harvard failed to get a place, although Bloss jumped 21 ft. several inchs farther than any of the other contestants.

In the appended summary only visiting clubs are distinguished by initials.

One hundred yard dash - E. H. Weeks, B. U. A. A. (1 1-2 yds.), and J. E. Good, Y. A. A. (7 yds.), dead heat, 10 2-5 s.; W. E. Greenough (7 yds.), 10 s.; E. K. Hall, D. A. A. (5 yds.), 10 1-5 s.; O. K. Hawes (1 yd.) and E. C. Ellis (5 yds.), dead heat, 10 1-5 s.; E. B. Bloss (4 yds.), 10 2-5 s.; E. W. Allen, Y. A. A. (2 yds.) 10 1-5 s.; G. F. Brown, Jr. (5 yds.) 10 s.; H. F. Cuntz, Stephens (5 yds.), 10 2-5 s. Semi-finals - Hall, 10 1-5s.; Allen, 10 s.; Brown, 10s. Final - Won by G. F. Brown, Jr. (5 yds.); E. W. Allen, Y. A. A. (2 yds.), second; E. K. Hall, D. A. A. (5 yds.(, third. Time - 9 4-5s.

One hundred and twenty yard hurdle race (hurdles 3 ft. 6 in. high). Trials - D. B. Lyman, Y. A. A. (5 yds.), 17m. 4-5 s.; O. W. Shead (2 yds.), 17 m. 2-5s.; M. Van Ingen Y. A. A. (9 yds.), 17 m. 2-5s. Trials for second men - Won by B. Hurd. Jr., B. A. A. (2 yds.), 18m. 2-5s. Final - Won by O. W. Shead (2 yds.); D. B. Lyman, Y. A. A. (5 yds.), second; B. Hurd, Jr., B. U. A. (2 yds.), third. Time - 17s.

Two hundred and twenty yard hurdle race (hurdles 2ft. 6in. high). Trials - E. C. Parker, D. A. A., (10yds.) 26 1-5s,; A. Coonley, (15 yds.) 26 2-5s.; M. H. Guerin, (16yds.) 25 1-5s.; G. R. Fearing Jr., (3 yds.) 25 4-5s.; E. L. Andrews, M. I. T., (10yds.) 26 2-5s. Final - won by Guerin; Fearing second; Andrews third. Time - 25 3-5s.

Two hundred and twenty yard dash. Trials - S. M. Merrill (8 yds.), 22 2-5s.; N. H. White (14 yds.), and A. Johnson (12yds.), dead head, 22 2 5s.; A. Latham (16yds.), 22 1-5s.; W. E. Greenough (14 yds.), and J. E. Good, Y. A. A. (10yds.), dead head, 23s.; E. W. Pinkham (10yds.), 23s.; J. C. Freeman, W. A. C., (10yds.), 23 1-5s.; F. A. Dorman (14yds.), 22 4-5s.; H. F. Cuntz, Stephens (12yds.), 23 4-5s. Semi-finals - First heat won by Good, 22 3-5s.; Latham second, second heat, Dorman first, 22 3-5s.; Pinkham second. Final - Won by Good, Y. A. A. (10yds.), Latham second, Pinkham third. Time - 23s.

Mile run - Won by D. W. Fenton (65 yds.); C. E. Wiggin, 1st regiment (60 yds.), Harvard, won his second cup for the day by defeating the two Yale men who got second and third.

In the 220 yards dash Yale won her only first with Harvard men second and third.

Eight hundred and eighty yard run - Won by C. G. Hubbell (55yds.); J. Corbin (25yds.), second; A. G. Bugbee, D. A. A. (55yds. third Time - 1m. 58s.

Four hundred and forty yard run - Won by E. W. Pinkham (30yds.); F. M. Sackett (35yds.), second; F. W. Marvel, B. U. A. A. (30yds.), and C. E. Hutcheson (35yds)., tied for third place. Time - 49 3-5s.

Two mile safety bicycle race - Won by F. S. Elliot (190yds.); J. W. Allen, Y. A. A. (160yds). second; G. V. B. Wade, Y. A. A. (230yds.), third. Time - 5m. 30 4-5s.

Mile bicycle safety race. Trials - F. S. Elliot (110 yds.), 2m. 36 2-5s.; F. W. Davis (60 yds.), 2m. 43 4-5s.; F. S. Pratt (70yds.), 2m. 45s.; E. A. McDuffie, P. C. C. (30yds.), 2m. 57 3-5s. Final - Won by P. W. Davis (90yds.); F. S. Pratt (70yds.), second; F. S. Elliot (110 yds.), third. Time - 2m. 35s.

Pole vault - Won by W. W. Hoyt. R. L. S. (10in.), 9ft. 10 in. actual vault; P. C. second; G. Collamore (45 yds.) third. Time - 4m 32 3-5s.

Mile walk - Won by H. C. Brownell, B. U. A. C. (45yds.); J. A. Thayer (45yds.), second; J. L. Norton (45yds.), third. Time - 8m. 1 3-5s. Stingle, Met. A. C. (14 in.). T. E. Sherwin (1 in.), and H. M. Wheelwright (4 yds.) were tied for second place, at a total vault including handicaps, of 10 ft. 2 in. Stingle won the toss up for the second place, and Wheelwright third.

Throwing 16-pound hammer - Won by G. S. Ellis, B. U. A. A. (20 ft.), 115 ft. 5 in., including handicap; second, H. R. Allen, 103 ft. 10 in.; S. H. Evins (scratch), third, 96 ft. 4 in.

Running broad jump - Won by B. F. Welton, D. A. A. (1ft.) 20ft. 8 1-4 in., actual jump; B Hurd Jr., B. A. A. (1ft. 9 in) 19ft. 9in.; P. C. Stingle, Met. A. C. (2ft.), 19ft. 4in.

Running high jump - Won by A. H. Green (2 in.), 6ft., including handicap. T. E. Sherwin (3in.), second, 5ft. 11 1-2 in.; N. T. Abbott, D. A. A. (7in.), 5ft. 11in. [The best jump was by Fearing, who cleared 6ft.] L. P. Sheldon, P. A. A. A. (4in.) and G. R. Fearing (scratch), tied with Abbott for third, and lost on a toss.

Putting 16-pound shot - Won by S. H. Evins (4ft. 6in.), 40ft. 4in., including handicap; D. Long, B. A. A. (3ft. 6in.), second, 39ft.; J. F. Driscoll, B. H. S. (5ft. 9 in.) 39 ft 3in.

Points scored by clubs - In all points made by men who are members of athletic clubs and also members of colleges, their points are credited to the colleges which they represent; 5 for firsts, 3 for seconds and 1 for thirds.

Clubs. Firsts. Seconds. Thirds. Total.

Harvard, 9 8 6 75

Yale. 1 3 1 15

B. A. A., 1 2 2 13

B. U. A. A, 2 0 0 10

Dartmouth 1 0 3 8

R. L. S., 1 0 0 5

Melrose A. C., 0 1 1 4

1st R. A. A., 0 1 0 3

B. H. S., 0 0 1 1

M. I. T. 0 0 1 1

- - - -

Totals, 75 45 15 135