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The concert which the glee club had very generously offered to give for the benefit of the university crew has been indefinitely postponed because, - well, because the men in college did not show that they cared enough for the existence of their crew to back up the glee club and contribute even the price of a ticket. The concert may have come at a bad time of the year it is true, but the college must learn some time or other that if it ever wants to accomplish anything it will have to undergo a little self-sacrifice. There probably is not a man in Harvard who would not call it the greatest shame if the crew were prevented from going to New London merely because the students were not open handed enough to send it down; and yet there were only eighteen men, we understand, out of the whole university who showed that they actually cared to put themselves out sufficiently for the sake of the crew to buy a ticket to the concert. There must be among the men a greater appreciation of their relations with the athletic teams, and a greater willingness to make a little sacrifice.