Yesterday afternoon W. D. Orcutt '92, and T. Hoppin '93, played an exhibition tennis match on the Carey Court which resulted in victory for the latter by a score of three sets to two. In the first set Hoppin did some fine placing and seemed in a fair way to win but Orcutt braced and won 8-6.

The second set was an even thing, both men playing a much sharper game than at first. After a hard struggle Hoppin won 7-5. In the third set Hoppin weakened perceptibly. Orcutt did some great volleying and won with a score of 6-2. Hoppin took a decided brace in the fourth and paid Orcutt back in his own coin, winning by the same score 6-2. The last set also went to Hoppin, though only after a hard fight. Both players did remarkable placing in this set and the result was very doubtful for some time. The score was 6-4. The match was very interesting from start to finish, both men putting up excellent tennis.

Matches for the second prize in singles will be played at the following hours today: At 11 a.m., Gray vs. Phillips. At 1.30 p.m., Leach vs. Simonds; Reed vs. winner of Gray-Phillips. Yesterday in the doubles Hunt and Johnston beat Stevens and Garland by default, and Lyman and Chase beat Hunt and Johnston, thus winning 1st prize. For the second prize in doubles, matches will be played at the following hours: At 10 a.m., Gardner and King vs. Hunt and Johnston; Boyden and Bradlee vs. Reed and Winslow. At 1.30 p.m. the winners will play off. The exhibition match in doubles will be played at 2.30 on Thursday, June 2.