The Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew have been rowing in the shell every day, and twice on Monday. Jones '92 is still coaching them, sometimes in the coxswain's seat and sometimes in the pair-oar. The weather on the river has been excellent for rowing, and the men, realizing that the last days are at hand, seem to put more vim into their work. Improvement is, however, till hoped for. The make-up of the crew is unchanged: Stroke, Davis; 7, Purdon; 6, Eddy; 5, Grant; 4, Potter; 3, Briggs; 2, Richardson; bow, Cameron; coxswain, Frazier. But there have been several changes among the substitutes. Cook has been dropped from the crew, and E. B. Lambert has been rowing as substitute in his stead for several days. Ninde has lately been obliged to leave for home on account of sickness in his family. And although he has since returned he will not be able to row. His place is being temporarily filled by G. G. Murchie who rowed yesterday for the first time in the pair-oar with Lambert.

The finances of the crew have been only slightly bettered, several men and the glee club coming forward with subscriptions. But there is still an urgent need for $600, without which the crew, if it goes to New London will be greatly in debt.