Burning of the Yale Launch.

The Yale launch was seriously damaged by fire recently while at anchor in the Qunnipiac river. A watchman discovered the fire and succeeded in extinguishing the flames with the aid of a fireman.

The top of the boat was burned and near the centre of the boat, the fire reached to the water line. The total loss is estimated at about $750. The engineer noticed a smell of smoke the day before the out break but had been unable to discover any fire, and after taking special precautions to prevent it had left the boat. Repairs will be pushed immediately. The coachers are laboring under disadvantages at present, as the burning of the launch has taken away their only means of doing effective coaching. The old launch was ordered by Captain Hartwell, but word was sent back that it was undergoing repairs and could not be sent. He is trying to secure another launch from New York for a short time. The damaged launch will be ready for use in about a week. In the meantime a pair-oar rowed by the substitutes is used by the coachers in following the boat.