Special Notice.

PHILOSOPHY 5. - The course will be reviewed this evening commencing at 7.15 o'clock in Manter 2. Fee $4. As a specia favor those attending are requested not to open accounts for reviews.

W. W. NOLEN.MATH. D. - Seminar. A careful discussion of principles and problems, Thursday at 2 p. m. Price $3.00. Also tutoring in Math. A, Math. D. Physics B.



18 Hollis.WILL the man who took my notebook from the Geological Laboratory yesterday morning, return it to 11 Waterhouse St., and get his own. Book had notes of Greek II and Gov. and Law I.

R. WALCOTT.ECONOMICS 4, Seminars. Friday, I at 2 p. m., to middle page 13 in Outline. II at 7.30 p. m,, remainder of the course. Fee for each $2.00.

J. A. BAILEY, Jr.,


2 Hollis.