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The game with Brown today is of peculiar interest for several reasons. It is the first time in the history of Harvard and Brown that the elevens from the two universities have met. Brown's football history has been short, and she has not been a significant factor in football until this year. Nevertheless she has lately shown an enterprice in the management of her athletics that, if applied to her football team, will result in a sound and rapid development. It is within all probability that Brown's team will soon be among the best from the smaller colleges. The results of the game today will make interesting comparisons with the work in subsequent years.

Moreover, as Yale opened the season by defeating Brown eighteen to nothing, we shall eagerly watch to see what score can be rolled up by the 'varsity eleven against the same team in the middle of the season.

This game is one of the last that will be played before the struggle at Spring field. Only three games remain on the schedule unplayed, and of these one will be played in Andover, and another with Cornell in New York. No game will be played in Cambridge from tomorrow until the seventh of November, the date of the B. A. A. game. It is possible that another game may be arranged after that, but is only a possibility. Although the season is thus early, Harvard men will not have more than three or four further opportunities to watch the play of the eleven before they meet Yale.