Freshman Training Table.

A training table has been provided for the candidates of the freshman football team, at the 'varsity athletic club house, on Bow street, and the following men have already been sent there by the freshman management: Captain Irving, halfback; Williams, Shaw, guards; Watson, Scannell, tackles; Barton, end, and Dean, quarterback. This number will soon be increased, since there are several candidates who have done excellent work in preparation for the class games.

The team, however, which will represent the freshmen in their annual game will be composed mostly of men who are now playing with the 'varsity squad. The freshmen who are at present practicing with the 'varsity are Dunlop, Wrightington, Beale, Lovering, backs; Stevenson, end; Connor, tackle; Laimbeer, guard; Shea, centre. It will be seen that the freshmen are not lacking in material for their approaching contest, yet the time allowable for developing satisfactory team play is limited, since the contest with Yale occurs December 2, two days after the 'varsity game with Pennsylvania.