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We call attention to the announcement in the advertisement of the Boston and Albany Railroad of a special train to Springfield on the morning of the Harvard-Yale game. This train has been planned with special reference to the convenience and comfort of gentlemen who wish to take ladies to the game without subjecting them to the rather uncertain condition of the ordinary specials. Only seven hundred and fifty tickets will be sold and each holder of a ticket will be sure of a seat for this is the exact seating capacity of the train. No smoking will be allowed on the four rear cars, and strict order will be maintained as on any regular passenger train. The train will leave at 9 o'clock from the side track at Front street by the Cambridge end of the Harvard Bridge, and will arrive in Springfield before noon. Manager White has been at no title inconvenience in arranging for this special train. It is distinctly an act of kindness on the part of the railroad company, for it puts them out of their way without giving them any adequate return for their extra-trouble. If the students fail to appreciate this kindness this year it is pretty certain that the train will not be run another year. Tickets are now on sale at Leavitt and Peirce's. Students will do well to remember this special train as it offers advantages which have hitherto been lacking in the matter of transportation to Springfield.