Modern Language Conference.

At a meeting of the Modern Language Conference to be held in Sever 2 at half past seven this evening, arrangements will be perfected for a system of reports on philological periodicals, and on books relating to linguistics and literary history. It is important that members of the Graduate School and other advanced students who are connected with the Modern Language Departments should understand the scope of these reports and should avail themselves of the opportunity to take part in forming them. Graduate students of the modern languages who have not yet connected themselves with the conference should lose no time in becoming acquainted with its objects and sharing its advantages. The meetings are fortnightly and are announced in the Calendar. Students who are pursuing special lines of investigation are urged to consult with their instructors as to the possibility of presenting the results of such researches.

Professor Marsh will read a paper on "Symbolic Representation of the Virgin Mary in Spain, particularly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries."