SKATING NOTICE.- All who are interested in having Holmes Field flooded for skating this winter are requested to sign one of the blue-books placed at Thurston's, Leavitt and Pierce's, and the gymnasium, or one of the blanks at Memorial and Foxcroft.

CLASS DAY OFFICERS.- Please be measured for cap and gown at once at the Co-operative. All must be measured this week.


THE English High School Association will meet at Holworthy 10, Tuesday, November 28, at 7.30 o'clock. All new members of the University from the English High School, Boston, are urged to attend.

E. H. GREEN, Sec.52 2t

'VARSITY SQUAD.- Entire squad dressed for practice on Jarvis at 2.30 sharp.

B. G. WATERS.SEVERAL sets of instruments for mechanical drawing and five copies of Wentworth's Plane Geometry are needed at once for courses at the Prospect Union. If any men can lend or give them they can feel very sure that they will be carefully used and much appreciated. The courses cannot well go on until these are provided. Books and instruments may be left at the CRIMSON office.


WELD BOAT CLUB NOTICE.- The boat house has closed for the winter. Men can get their clothing from the lockers until Wednesday evening.

H. J. HUGHES, Pres.