Few plans have as yet been made for the 'varsity baseball practice. As usual, no work will begin until after the Christmas recess. Then the batteries will probably have a few minutes of daily practice in the cage at the Carey Building. The rest of the candidates will be started just after the mid-year examinations. Of course, all this work will be in the cage until about April 1, when candidates ought to be ready for outdoor work.

At first the batteries will have easy work. Two of last year's pitchers, A. A. Highlands and D. Wiggin will be eligible to play again. Corbett is the only available catcher from the old candidates. This will give new men a chance.

The work of the fielders will be in stopping grounders and sliding to bases, with a little additional work in the gymnasium.

Samuel E. Winslow '85, is too much engrossed in politics to be able to do any coaching. Most of this work will be done by Clarence Smith, who has coached the nine for two or three years past.

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