Class in Gymnasium Work.

The success of Dr. Sargent's five o'clock class in gymnasium work disproves the theory that there are no opportunities for exercise offered the class of Harvard students who have neither time nor ability to work with the various athletic teams. An average of 100 men exercise every afternoon. Although 300 men signed for the class at the beginning of the year, and it seemed that two classes would have to be formed for lack of accommodations, there has been ample room every afternoon for the men present.

The class started in with elementary calisthenics and has progressed through all dumb bell, wand, and more difficult calisthenic movements. After Christmas the class will be divided into sections for work with Indian clubs, flying rings, parallel bars, etc.

The class is much larger than last year and there are indications that it will be greatly increased after the holidays. Dr. Sargent expresses his willingness to form two sections, provided 100 men cannot find accommodations with the five o'clock class.