Harvard-Yale Deate.

Of the three men, H. L. Prescott '94, A. S. Apsey, L. S., and A. S. Hayes, L. S., who were chosen Tuesday evening to represent Harvard at the competitive debate with Yale in January; H. L. Prescott received his school education in Salina, Kansas, and spent two years at the Salina College before coming to Harvard. While in college at Salina he was a member of the Kansas Oratorical Society and represented his college in the state debates. Here he has done little speaking except as a member of English 6, and belongs to no debating club.

A. S. Apsey studied at the Cambridge Latin School and came from there to Harvard in '89. He was a member of the debating society of that school and has spoken in college before both the former Harvard Union and the present Wendell Phillips Club. He was a member of English 6 last year.

A. S. Hayes comes from Boston, receiving his A. B. from Harvard in '91. He was a member of English 6 while in college. Since he entered the Law School he has spoken occasionally and last year took part in a debate held in Sanders Theatre between the Democratic and Republican clubs.