St. Paul's Society.

Rev. Endicott Peabody of Groton addressed the St. Paul's Society last night, and then laid before them a plan for a Boys Club to be founded in Boston this winter. Poor boys in large cities have almost no home life and have hardly any pleasure. In a winter as hard as this is sure to be they will be especially badly off and so this is a very good time to start a club. The idea is to have two rooms in some crowded part of Boston, probably near Florence street, and in one of these to have a gymnasium and in the other a reading room. This will be open three or possibly four nights a week, and as many boys as can be handled will be taken in. There are already several such clubs in Boston, but there are not nearly enough.

The club will surely be a success if money enough can be reaised, for the boys are always glad to join a club of this sort, and it looks as if men enough to run it could easily be found in college. Sixteen or more active workers are needed to run the club and a much larger number are needed to raise the money. About $1300 a year will be needed. The volunteers are to be divided into four committees, of which the chairmen are: R. Talbot '94, R. W. Emmons '95, R. Wheatland '95, W. S. Patten '95. Anyone who would like to help may send his name to T. R. Kimball, 7 Linden street.