Concert of the Musical Clubs.

This evening the Glee Club, Pierian Sodality, Banjo Club, and Mandolin Club will give their annual fall concert in Sanders Theatre.

The concert will commence at 8 o'clock. The programme is as follows:


1. (a) Coronation March, from "Le Prophete." Meyerbeer.

(b) Romanze, Suite, Opus 39. Anton Dvorak.

Pierian Sodality.

2. (a) Johnny Harvard.

(b) The Water Mill. J. C. Macy.

(c) Gay Hearts Waltz. J. C. Macy.

Glee Club.

3. (a) Selection from "Prince Pro Tem."

(b) March of the Guards, from "Hamlet."

Banjo Club.

4. (a) Heinz Uon Stein. Music by A. W. Thayer. Two themes used from "Die Walkure." R. Wagner.

(b) Image of the Rose. S. Reichardt.

Solo by Mr. D. C. Greene.

(c) Wandering Singer's Patrol. Willis Clark.

Glee Club.


1. (a) March, from Suite 1, Opus 113. F. Lachner.

(b) Waltzes, from Serenade (for strings). P. Tschaikowsky.

Pierian Sodality.

2. (a) In Picardie. G. L. Osgood.

(b) The Miller of the Dee. A. Giebel.

(c) The Phantom Band. A. W. Thayer.

(d) "The Midway Plaisance." Music by L. S. Thompson '92. Words by J. R. Oliver '94.

Solo by Mr. Wilder.

3. (a) Serenade Barcarolle. Monti. Arranged by L. J. Romero.

(b) Pizzicati Polka. Delibes Arranged by R. P. Hood '94.

Mandolin Club.

4. (a) Mulligan Musketeers.

R. W. Atkinson '91.

(b) Old Folks at Home, Arranged by F. Vander Stucken.

(c) Fair Harvard.

Glee Club.