Henry Warren Torrey '33.

Henry Warren Torrey, LL. D., McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History, Emeritus, died last night at his home at 20 Oxford street. He was taken ill just a week ago with a cold and his strength rapidly failed him. It was the sudden weakening rather than the violence of the disease which hastened his death. His bronchial tubes were affected and it was probably bronchitis which was the direct cause of his decease.

Professor Torrey's end was a peaceful one. On Wednesday he experienced considerable difficulty in breathing and suffered not a little. Yesterday, however, was an easier day for him, although he sank steadily and finally succumbed.

Professor Torrey graduated from college in '33. He was an active member of the Board of Overseers up to the day he was taken ill, and a most valued and trusted friend of the University.