Intercollegiate Chess Tournament.

The intercollegiate chess tournament between Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia will commence December 26 at the Harvard School, New York, and will last six days. Each player will play one game will commence at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Samuel Lloyd will be referee. The names of the players and substitutes are as follows:

Harvard.- Thorndike Spalding '95, and James Hewins, Jr., '96. Substitutes, Emil Goldmark '94 and W. L. Van Kleeck '95.

Yale.- R. L. Ross '96 and A. E. Skinner '95. Substitutes, H. A. Bryant '95 and J. W. Maples '94 S.

Princeton.- Boyd R. Ewing '94 and Ernest P. Roberts '94. Substitutes, Ernest P. Stewart '95, Robert L. Beecher '97, and William V. Belden '95.

Columbia.- E. Hymes '95 Law, and Edward Libaire '94 Mines. Substitutes, F. H. Bowman '94 and E. E. Mitchell '97 Mines.