Annual Meeting of the N. E. I. A. A.

At the annual meeting of the New England Intercollegiate Athletic Association, Feb. 11, Bowdoin was admitted to the league already including Amherst, Dartmouth, Brown, Trinity, Wesleyan, Williams, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of Vermont.

It was voted to strike the running and standing broad jump and the tug of war from the list of events, and the following officers were elected:

President, F. W. Beekman of Amherst; First vice-president. L. B. Bacon, of Williams; Second vice-president, H. A. Ross, of Bowdoin; Secretary, H. Grenlie, of Trinity; Treasurer, W. T. Dorrance, of Brown; Executive Committee H. T. Nayes, of Amherst, H. A. Ross, of Bowdoin, W. T. Dorrance, of Brown, W. M. Ames, of Dartmouth, H. Grenlie, D. D. Lucien, of University of Vermont, C. E. Hurlburt, of Wesleyan, H. Town, of Williams and M. B. Chase of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.