Fact and Rumor.

A Theme will be due in French 6 on Feb. 17.

French 6 will begin "Le Misanthrope' on Wednesday.

Subjects for the seventh theme are due to-day in English B.

The Aegis, the Dartmouth College illustrated annual publication has just been issued.

A lecture will be substituted for the Wednesday recitation for the present in Latin C.

The winter games of the Yale A. A. will be held in the new gymnasium March 13 and 14.

An effort is being made to preserve Elmwood, the estate of the late James Russell Lowell.

The University of Michigan has a Japanese Association, with a membership of thirteen.

The revolt in Hawaii has a peculiar interest to Williams College because Hon. S. B. Dole, '67, has been made temporary President of the new government.

There are eighty-three candidates in training for the athletic team at Cornell University.

The New York Legislature has passed resolutions on the death of George William Curtis.

C. Brewer and A. H. Bullock were elected stewards of the H. A. A. from the freshman class.

The annual concert of the Wellesley Glee Club takes place on the evening of the 22nd in the college chapel.

President Low, of Columbia, was recent-initiated into the Columbia Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa.

Nearly forty-five thousand dollars has been subscribed towards the Phillips Brooks monument fund.

Prof. S. E. Baldwin of New Haven has been recently elected a judge of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

This week there will be a lecture in Zoology 2 on Wednesday, but after this only on Mondays and Fridays.

At the University of Wisconsin the outline of the State has been adopted as the official design for a university pin.

The international chess tournament to be held in Chicago in connection with the Fair will distribute $7000 in prizes.

President Chat will give an address, "The College Must Cooperate to Raise the Schools, at a talk in the University Club, Feb. 17.

President Webster of Union College has been granted leave of absence for the remainder of the college year, because of ill-health.

Dr. W. J. Tucker, the new president of Dartmouth, will be given a complimentary dinner next Thursday evening at the University Club.

There are in the United States 6500 women in colleges, and graduates of colleges, who are members of Greek letter fraternities.

The New England chapter of the Chi Phi Fraternity will hold a banquet at the Cooley House in Springfield, Tuesday evening. February 21.