A complete attendance this week of the voluntary classes in Reading and Speaking is especially desirable. Men who think of joining any of these sections for the first time may consult me in Sever 29, at half-past two or at half-past three, Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The hour from half-past two to half-past three Wednesday is reserved for the Law School.

C. T. COPELAND.James W. Patterson, State Superintendent of public instruction in New Hampshire, has resigned, and will fill the chair of oratory in Dartmouth.

The prospects for a good Freshman nine at Amherst are very bright and games will be arranged with the Harvard, Yale and Williams Freshmen.

A new book entitled "Pioneers of Science" has recently been published by Oliver Lodge, F. R. S., professor of physics in Victoria College, Liverpool.

Wabash College has recently received a bequest of $60,000 which however, will only become productive on the condition that women are admitted on equal terms with men. Wabash is the only college in Indiana that does not already admit women.