Fact and Rumor.

In French 5 an hour will be given each week to a discussion of some special topic.

The Western Reserve University has lately received $125,000 for its Medical School.

The first report of the secretary of the Law School class of '92 has just been published.

Oliver S. Campbell tennis champion of America will not defend his title next August.

The class of '93 at Boston University will elect its class day speakers Friday evening.

Chapter 1, Book II of Hill's Rhetoric must be read in English A before Saturday's lecture.

The College of the City of New York will soon move into its new building which cost $750,000.

The Princeton Dramatic Association will give their new play sometime during the Easter vacation.

Dartmouth has a larger per cent of alumni in the western states than any other eastern university.

Dr. Washington Gladden has an article entitled "The Cosmopolis City Club," in the February Century.

The declamations to take the place of the mid-year examinations in English 10 will begin Monday.

A bill has been sent to Albany to provide a new site and buildings for the College of the City of New York.

The Columbia nine has rented the New York Riding School grounds for practice in batting and base running.

Dr. H. S. Pratt spoke at the meeting of the Natural History Society last night on "The Migration of Animals."

The second meeting this year of the Yale Alumni Association will be held tonight at Sherry's in New York.

The grand stand on the new athletic field of Northwestern University cost $3,000. The field is one of the finest in the west.

John M. Robinson who graduated from the Scientific School in 1856, and who was a Colonel in the Confederate Army died Tuesday.

A special team race will be arranged for the interscholastic games, March 4, between the English High and Boston Latin school teams.

The first and second 'varsity crews as they will row today are as follows:

First crew, Johnson '94 Fearing '93 Cummings '93, Stearns Gr., Eddy '95, L. Davis '94, Blake '94, Newell '94, Second crew, Purdon '95, Saltonstall '94, Earle '93, Potter '95, Duffield '93, Shephard '96, F. Davis '95, Burgess '93.

Rev. E.S. Drown addressed the St. Paul's Society Wednesday evening. Officers for the ensuing half year were elected as follows: Pres. H. Saville '93, Vice-President, M. Ladd '94, Sec. J. K. Whittemore '95, Treas. G. T. Morse '95, Chorister G. B. Magrath '94, Librarian C. E. Hutchison '93.

Rev. Thomas G. Valpey, who died nearly four years ago bequeathed to Phillips Andover $500. the income of which was to be used for an annual prize in the classical department. This sum has recently become available. The prizes will be contended for next year for the first time.