H. A. A. Entries in the R. L. S. Games.

The following Harvard men are entered in the Roxbury Latin School games which take place on February 22 in the M. I. T. Gymnasium. The two open events are the 30 Yards Dash and the Running High Jump, both of which are scratch. In the 30 Yards Dash;- A. H. Gould, '96, G. L. Collins, '96, D. L. Black, 94, E. L. Perry, '95, E.S. Benedict, '96, W.E. Kent, Sp., M. G. Seelig, '96, E. B. Hill, '94, F.L. Huidekoper, '96, F. Mason, '96, M. Ladd, '94, J. Sullivan, '94, W. F. Garcelon, L. S. W. F. Baker, '93, E. K. Bowser, '96, R. D. Farquhar, '93, E. H. Clark. '96, L. Sayer, '96, J. P. Whittren, L. S. S.

In the High Jump;-W. Hoag, '94, W. E. Putnam, '96, E. K. Bowser, '96, H. M. Wheelwright, '94, R. D. Farquhar, '93, E. H. Clark, '96, G. C. Chaney, '94.