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Again we feel the necessity of calling the attention of the Board of Overseers to the inconveniences which every one in Memorial Hall has to submit to during the dinner hour. For the last two nights the disagreeable odor of smoke from the burning gas jets, and wretched lights besides, have made us feel more keenly than ever the inadequacy of the present system of lighting. The causes of this discomfort are very simple. The nights have been warmer than usual and to avoid bad ventilation a few windows have been opened. The drafts which followed blew directly on to the burners causing them to smoke incessantly, while the unhealthy fumes had to be breathed by all. There is no prospect that this nuisance will abate, on the contrary it will occur with greater frequency as the warmer weather draws near and forces more windows to be opened.

Such is the state of affairs at present and we hope that the Overseers will see the justice of our request that some action be taken to remedy it. The Board of Directors have asked permission to put in electric lights, a natural solution of the difficulty. The request is a reasonable one, particularly as it does not mean an increased expense either in board or for the University. As yet, however, no action has been taken. A prompt and favorable decision from the Board of Overseers would doubtless come as a welcome relief from a constantly increasing annoyance.