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THE announcement that Harvard will send an athletic team to the indoor games of the New England Association, ought to act as an effective stimulus to the men who are now trying for the Mott Haven team. The management wish it to be distinctly understood that the men will be chosen from the quality of work which is shown from now on to the time of the games. Those who are clearly promising men in their respective distances will doubtless find a place on the team. To appear, then, at his best a man cannot be too careful in his method of training. The time of the games is but a few weeks ahead and the importance of strict systematic work cannot be over estimated.

The result of the meeting will doubtless be interesting in showing for the first time what can reasonably be expected of Harvard in the intercollegiate games this spring. The chance which is given to accustom ourselves to running where the competition is really close is not to be lost sight of. Let every man work with a will from now on and he may find in himself powers which he did not before realize; at all events the harder the work, the better the team and the greater the honor it will reflect upon Harvard.