Fact and Rumor.

A theme is due in German IV to-day.

Exeter holds a handicap meeting every Friday night.

The class of '94 M. I. T. held a banquet Saturday night.

There is talk of establishing a new University in Wales.

A synopsis of Saturday's lecture in English is due Tuesday.

There are 197 graduate students at the Chicago University.

Seven members of Mr. Cleveland's cabinet are college bred men.

Miss Garrett has given Johns Hopkins $400,000 during the past year.

The first winter athletic meeting at Williams was held Saturday evening.

The fifth annual banquet of the Cornell Law students took place last week.

The Harvard Club of Chicago has a membership of nearly three hundred.

The Glee, Mandolin and Banjo Club will give a concert at Melrose, March 1st.

The 15th annual meeting of the Harvard Odontolical Society was held in Boston Saturday evening.

Thomson has been elected captain of the University of Pennsylvania baseball nine.

Friday's issue of The Pennsylvanian contained a view of the 'varsity crew at work.

Mr. Frank Bolles has published a book entitled "At the North of Bear Camp Water."

Mr. F. F. Thompson has given $5,000 towards an infirmary for the students at Williams.

Women will be admitted to the Johns Hopkins Medical School on the same terms as men.

The Amherst College Alumni Association held its annual dinner Friday night at Delmonico's.