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IT certainly is not gratifying to the Committee which has charge of the Winter Meetings to see the way in which the students have come forward in support of them. It has been the fault of the college, rather than of the committee, that the meetings in the past have not been more of a success. If this experience of persuading men to enter the boxing and wrestling events to make a contest must be repeated year after year, it is simply a question of a very short time when the first Winter Meeting will have to be dropped from the list of college events. There has been a steady decrease in the interest in boxing and wrestling during the past seven or eight years. Apparently college sentiment is turning against them; and yet if they are worth having at all, they ought to be made a success. The committee has done all in its power. It has as a last attempt announced that the entries will be kept open for several days We earnestly urge everyone, who is in fit condition, to make up his mind to enter at once. The second and third meetings give promise of being the best for many years. It would be unfortunate and certainly an unpropitious beginning to let the first meeting be what the present number of entries would imply.