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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Nobody was surprised to see that Boylston Hall could not accommodate all who came to hear the address by Professor Drummond last night. In spite of "the smells of this room", it was filled to overflowing, many being required to stand or to go back.

There are few, if any, redeeming features about this room for such an occasion. It is not only too small, but the general appearance is anything but pleasing, and the proper means of ventilation seems to be entirely wanting. It is hardly apparent why Sanders Theatre could not have been used, and why it cannot be used, next Thursday evening. If it were announced that the address would be there, not only would those be accommodated who would come anyway, but a larger number would come. It is surely no advertisement for the addresses to be consigned to so unsuspicious a place. "A word to the wise is sufficient."