Yale's New Gymnasium.

Yale's new gymnasium has been opened nearly seven months, and by this time it may be fairly estimated how much the facilities for exercise have been widened and improved by it. In the last year of the existence of the old gymnasium, there was an attendance of 75 a day; so far this year the new building has had a daily attendance of over 400. Of these 75 it is estimated that 50 took regular exercise; while of the 400, 350 are now working regularly. These figures are of course, exclusive of the men training for the various athletic teams. Until the opening of the new gymnasium, each class up to Easter in its freshman year, was compelled to take three hours of gymnastics a week, and each man was measured at the beginning of his course. The doing away with this compulsory system has caused some falling off in the freshman class; 60 per cent. of them taking no exercise, and as yet only 55 per cent. have been measured. In the upper classes, with whom it has always been optional, 50 per cent. of the sophomores and juniors and 75 per cent. of the seniors have been re-measured this year. The best way, perhaps to estimate correctly the number of those using the gymnasium at one time or another, is by the number of lockers rented. The new building has 1012 lockers, of this number 625 are rented, and are as a rule occupied by two persons.