BOYLSTON PRIZE SPEAKERS, Mr. Hayes will be in Holden Chapel on Wednesday, the 26th, from 12 till 1.30 to see men who are to try for the Boylston Prize Speaking.


O. K. Regular meeting tonight in 25 Holyoke St. at 9 o'clock. All resident graduate members invited.

G. K. BELL, Sec.BOTANY 1. It will be necessary for members of the course to bring both Gray's Manual of Botany, and Gray's Structural Botany to the laboratory today.

'94 MEN. The following will be at Leavitt & Peirce's at 1.30 sharp to go to Southboro. E. Clark, Gale, Paine, Linfield, Hapgood, W. Clarke, Frothingham, Harding.

J. B. LOWELL, Capt.