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At one o'clock today the crew will start for New London. The most of us will not see them again until next fall, and then the great race will either have been won or lost. From now on until the final day we shall follow their fortunes with the deepest interest. Although many miles from the University for whose honor they are working, the crew may feel that their progress will be anxiously watched. It will excite the same feelings of pride as if we were actual spectators of their efforts. We all wish them the best of good luck and shall feel grateful indeed if they bring victory to Harvard. This would be a glorious triumph against odds, for certainly a season never opened more inauspiciously. But even if no such pleasure is in store for us, we shall all of us be deeply thankful for the loyal efforts of Captain Vail and Coach Perkins and the rest of the crew. Each one of them may feel that the members of the University have confidence in those who represent it. We sincerely hope for victory, but should that fail us an honorable defeat is certain. And as a testimony of our hopes for their success and appreciation for their past efforts, we must give them a send off today such as has never before been given. A reminder is, we believe, the only exhortation needed. Each man's spirit will prompt him to do the rest.