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THE sale of class day tickets for seniors takes place this afternoon according to the announcement published in another column. There are two regulations in particular which are very important to the successful distribution of the tickets, and the Class Day Committee has to rely entirely upon the honor of the purchasers to see that they are carried out. The first is the stipulation that no senior shall dispose of any ticket in any way whatever, except to the Committee itself, and the second is that all tickets which are not to be used by the purchaser himself shall be returned to the Committee on June 19 between eleven and twelve o'clock, when the money will be refunded. The object of this is clear. There are far more people willing to buy than can possibly be accommodated, and the only way in which anything like a fair distribution can be made is to leave the entire control of the sales in the hands of a few who can judge impartially what ought to be done. The seniors are given every possible opportunity to supply their own personal needs before the undergraduates are given a chance. This is only as it should be, but it is fair to expect that none will take advantage of this privilege and deprive others of their rights. The Class Day Committee does all in its power when it requests obedience to the regulations. It lies, however, entirely with each man's honor whether or not he will follow these instructions.