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The writer of the communication on another page calls attention to a most unfortunate condition of things, yet one which surely exists. The complaints which have been entered at the police court show conclusively that there is some systematic thieving done either by students or outsiders. In view of certain facts which have recently come to light, it does not seem improbable that men who are connected with the University are engaged in this contemptible practice. A little careful observation by students might lead to some definite evidence, and if such evidence can be found it ought not to be withheld. There is, however, another possible explanation of this disappearance of property which may have some foundation. The rule regarding pedlers and book agents in college buildings is not strictly enforced. While many of these men are doubtless perfectly honest, there are others who are open to suspicion. A more rigid enforcement of the house rules would not be a needless precaution or at all amiss.