Freshman Crew Notes.

The fact that the freshman crew will leave Cambridge for New London in about a week, makes it very probable that the present order in the boat is the final one, so it is interesting to note what the men are doing. The crew has undergone many changes since the class races, the most obvious advantage being to trim the boat. Rice, who had overtrained before the class races, is again back at seven. He seems in good condition, but he may not be able to stand the heavy work previous to the final race. Shepard, who had taken Rice's place, has been changed to six, where he seems to row well, and as he is the heaviest man in the boat, it helps also to trim her better. Shea also has changed sides, going from six to three. At present he does not low so well as at his old position on the port side. Russell has been changed from one side to the other, from three to four. The object of this shifting of positions is to bunch the heavier men in the centre of the boat, and as they row now, with Shepard. Duffield and Russell, each weighing over 180 pounds, the boat is well trimmed.

Since the class races the crew has not been rowed on record, but does not seem to be any faster now than at that time. Watriss has been very careful of the men, perhaps too much so. For the most part, the afternoons are now spent in rowing short distances, Watriss either directing them from a pair oar, or from the bank. They also row down the basin, always with a slow stroke, never quicker than thirty to the minute. The strokes are long and slow, excellent for a four mile race, but scarcely with enough life and snap for a shorter one. The men are apt to hang on the full reach and don't succede in keeping the boat on even keel. However, the crew is an average freshman one, and with the month of work they have yet before the race at New London, they should make a great deal of improvement, and row well against their two opponents. The order of the eight is as follows: stroke, Townsend; 7, Rice; 6, Shepard; 5, Duffield; 4, Russell; 3, Shea; 2, Lewis; bow, Forbes. The triangular race will probably take place on Thursday June 29, though at what hour has not yet been decided.