Class in Developing Exercises.

Dr. Sargent announces a class in gymnasium work open to all members of the University who wish to pursue a regular systematic course of training in view of maintaining their health and improving their general physical condition. The exercises will consist of free movements, wand and dumb-bell drills, etc., and will be carried on in a progressive series through the fall and winter terms. The class will meet at the gymnasium at 5 o'clock each week-day except Saturday and exercise steadily for half an hour. Attendance upon the class exercises is voluntary, but regular positions on the floor will be assigned to those who apply for them. A book for the names of applicants and a plan of the main floor may now be seen at the Janitor's office in the gymnasium. During the period allotted to these exercises the main floor between the pillars will be reserved for the class. The first exercise will be given on Monday, October 9.