Crew Notes.

Mr. Courtney, coach of the Cornell crew, left Cambridge yesterday. The report that he had been engaged to look after rowing matters at Harvard is incorrect. Mr. Courtney was engaged for two weeks only. It was hoped that in that time he could offer such suggestions and impart such information in regard to rowing and the rigging of the boat that the crew and coach might profit thereby during the coming year. Mr. Courtney has accomplished very much in his short visit. Captain Davis, Coach Perkins, Blake '94, Davis '95, Fennessy '96, Townsend '96 and Eddy '95 have been on the river twice a day for the last two weeks. During this time much has been learned, especially in watermanship and rigging, and the rowing has been considerably improved. The work in the morning has been confined chiefly to the pairoars; in the afternoon to the four-oars. From now on the morning work will probably be dropped, but the crew candidates will row several times a week until the weather becomes too inclement.