Other Gymnasium Notes.

The new anthropometric chart which Dr. Sargent displayed in the Harvard exhibit in Chicago was one of the most valuable objects to be seen. His old chart compared developments in a lump, while with the new charts there is one for each age at which development takes place, so that every fellow can compare himself with others of his own exact age, and with the normal of that age. The normal American student of the more advanced age is represented by the statues exhibited at Chicago.

The whole collection now at the fair, statues, photographs, statistics and all, will soon be brought here for exhibition. The photographs, taken last spring, represent all styles of development. They are all pictures of Harvard students. Later in the year Dr. Sargent will give a lecture explaining the chart and the pictures. The new chart will be used this year with the old one.

No improvements have been made in the gymnasium, but Dr. Sargent has a very urgent petition for an addition, for the purpose of having new bathing accomodations. The new bath-room will be built at the rear of the basement and will be fifty feet long and about thirty feet broad. It will be used only for shower baths and will accomodate the 900 holders of lockers who now have to use the baths on the floor above.