The Pedagogical Seminary.

The Pedagogical Seminary which was started last fall as one of the courses in Education and Teaching offered by the Department of Philosophy, deserves notice as a new feature at Harvard and, in fact, in this country. Its object is the study of the aims and organizations of secondary schools; and before now no other seminary in America has turned its entire attention to this subject.

The special topic selected for this year is "The Curriculum of the Secondary School;" and each member of the seminary is to prepare a discussion of the "Aims, Organization, Equipment, and Methods of Secondary Education" in respect to some branch of the curriculum. The subjects of history and English have already been investigated in this way, and for the rest of the year the seminary has been engaged in a study of reform movements in secondary education in Germany and France.

In addition to this work, each member is pursuing a special investigation which deals with some topic in secondary education, of general interest, the results of which are to be presented before the end of the year in the form of a thesis. Some of the topics selected are: The Historical Evolution of the High School Course of Study in the United States," "The Aims and Organization of the Mechanic Arts High School," and "The Unification of the Instruction in Secondary Education."

It is interesting to note the present composition of the seminary, of which there are ten members, as follows: The principals of five High Schools, at Cambridge, Brookline, Salem, Bloomington, III., and San Antonio, Tex; two superintendents of schools, in Milton and in Braintree; a teacher from the Chelsea High School and one from Thayer Academy; and a professor of a Normal School in Ohio.