Christian Association.

At the regular meeting of the Christian Association last evening, the report presented by the Chairman of the Home Missionary Committee showed that the missionary work of the society this year has been greater than ever before. Services have been conducted by members in different towns on Sundays and so much interest has been taken in the matter that on one Sunday in December five such services were held. Requests have come for men to conduct boy's clubs in Boston and Cambridge, and two more men are wanted by the Associated Charities in Boston to collect the savings of poor people. Another call is for cast-off clothing. A resident member of the Andover House college settlement, W. E. Clark '93, has appealed for aid in this respect. In this distressful year there is a greater claim than ever on our generosity. Articles of clothing may be sent to 54 Thayer Hall, or given to collectors who will call at college rooms tomorrow afternoon between 12 and 3 o'clock. Any men willing to assist in this collecting, or in any of the kinds of work mentioned above, are requested to give their names to W. C. Douglas, secretary of the association, 54 Thayer Hall, between 1.30 and 2.30 p. m.