We invite all members of the University to contribute to this column, but we are not responsible for the sentiments expressed.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

I wish to call the attention of all voters in the University to the Anti-Spoils League which is being formed under the presidency of Carl Schusz.

I quote from the circular of the league: "It is believed that the moment is ripe for the consolidation of public sentiment in favor of good government by the formation of a new and large National League for the complete abolition of the spoils system. It is desired thoroughly to popularize the movement and to make it effective in every part of the United States. Membership in the new league is to be without dues, although voluntary contributions will be welcomed."

The enrollment cards, which may be obtained of Mr. Milliam Potts, secretary of the league, 54 Williams St., New York, read as follows: "We hereby declare ourselves in favor of the complete abolition of the spoils system from the public service,- believing that system to be unjust, undemocratic, injurious to political parties, fruitful of corruption, a burden to legislative and executive and executive offices, and in every way opposed to the principles of good government.

"We call upon all in authority to extend to the utmost the operation of the present reform laws; and by additional legislation to carry the benefits of the merit system to the farthest possible limits under our national, state, and municipal governments."

I hope that every voter will feel it his personal duty to help on the cause of civil service reform by at least his name.

Truly yours,

H. A. EATON, D. S.