University Organizations.

Camera Club.

Through the kindness of Mr. J. B. Williams, University Publication Agent, the Camera Club has been allowed to exhibit the photographs taken last spring for the Harvard exhibit at the World's Fair, in Massachusetts Hall. Down stairs are hung all the different views of the college buildings and grounds, making a complete line above the windows on either side of the room. The remainder of the wall space will be occupied by the charts of the various departments, showing the growth of the college.

In Upper Massachusetts are hung all the remaining photographs taken by the club, including those taken for the Annex, which completely fill all the available wall space in the room. The photographs will remain in Massachusetts at least until after Commencement.

They will all be numbered, and any body wishing to buy any of the pictures, may communicate with F. L. Olmsted, Jr., Sec., 13 Wadsworth House. Full directions for such purchases will be posted in Massachusetts.